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1Introduction to My Portfolio

My Portfolio is the default landing page for your account. Here you can see the list of all the businesses added under your account or businesses in which you are an invited user.

Introduction to My Portfolio

If you are an accountant then you will see other options like Nominal Codes, Company Profile, Manage staff and roles, Manage permissions.

To manage users and permissions for particular company click Manage Users link. This will take you to the Manage Users screen as shown below.

2Manage Users

Under Manage Users you can see the list of all existing users and their account type. To change permissions for any particular user click Manage Permissions.To invite a new user click Invite User button. If you are an accountant, click Assign Staff button to assign your staff to the selected company. This will show you list of all staff members. You can then select one or more staff members and then assign permissions as required.

Introduction to My Portfolio

3Assign Staff

If you are an accountant then you can assign your staff to access the selected company. Click Assign Staff button.

Introduction to My Portfolio

You will see the screen shown below. Select the staff members you want to assign access to the selected company and click Assign Selected Staff Members button. If you want to add a new staff member then click Add New Staff button.

Introduction to My Portfolio

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