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Preparing VAT Return & Submitting to HMRC

1Create VAT Return

Go to Reports -> VAT Return


To create VAT return click Create VAT Return button. This will open the screen as shown below.


Select From and To date for the current VAT quarter and click Search For Invoices button. If you want to include old invoices which were not included in previous VAT returns tick the box Include late Invoices tick box. Software then will search for all the invoices within that quarter and show you the VAT return form with values for each box as shown below.


If you are happy with the VAT report click CREATE VAT RETURN button on bottom. This will then create VAT return and will be listed under VAT return page.


Click Submit VAT button to Submit VAT return to HMRC. If you have already submitted VAT return to HMRC outside Easy then you can click Manual Submission to record manual VAT return.

If there is any EC sales then EC sales report will be generated automatically and submitted to HMRC along with VAT return submission.

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